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Affordable Medical Supply

At Affordable Medical Supply, we are fully committed to uncompromising Customer Service by providing you with an Educated Staff, Years of Experience, an Understanding of Home Care requests for hard to find Equipment Solutions, and a Retail Showroom to give our clients the hands on selections they need.

Our Story
Affordable Medical Supply has been in business for over 39 years. Of course, it was much different at the beginning. People were expected to genuinely take their time to help those who needed care for a loved one at home. In fact, the Home Medical Equipment Division was started to make sure that families were safe when they were released from the Hospital or Rehab Facility to their home environment. HME-DME Companies had remained smaller local companies since delivering, installing and picking up equipment was faster in a smaller proximity.

Affordable Medical became synonymous with Broward County when we became one of the longest running Hospice Providers with over 29 years of service. We then became an Accredited Supplier, a Better Business Vendor, a Certified Repair Center, a Certified Pool Lift Installer, and a Leader in Education on Medical Supplies to a wide variety of Healthcare Professionals and Attorneys. But, as the State and Federal healthcare laws changed, so did Affordable Medical Supply.

Our Passion
Affordable Medical is located in a Competitive Bid Area. And, for all our years in business, Affordable sent claims to Medicare for Reimbursement. We soon felt the extreme pressure to focus on the paperwork and doctors responsibilities in our industry, and not on the people needing our help. We simply could not continue in that direction, and a New Excitement was born. Affordable Medical chose not to participate in this last bid process so we could fully focus our efforts on providing solid solutions and dedicated care in the many unique situations that families are faced with today. It is challenging when facing the maze of decisions…decisions of where to go to live, how to get help, and who is there to educate you on the demanding situations today. We understand.

We Hear You.
Our entire staff are not just listeners, we truly hear your struggles and set into action our team that can show you equipment and product solutions to meet your complex situations. We will attend to your needs in any area of our care with the same tenacity we would provide, if it was our own family. And, all this is done with our outrageous customer service team. We are proud to provide you with resources for Home Care Companies, Assisted Living Locations, Understanding the differences of Healthcare Companies, Preparations for Hurricanes in Florida and helping you in any Crisis Situation.

We could name all the products we have delivered over the years, but that should not impress you. What is impressive are the daily compliments we receive coming from our clients and healthcare professionals who are encouraged by our help, our ability to understand the situation, and our Knowledge to Provide them Solid and Safe Solutions.

Areas of Care

  • Standard Medical Equipment to Complex Medical Equipment
  • Standard Mobility Scooter and Power Chairs, to the highly Complex Power Mobility Needs
  • Wound Care Products from companies in the USA to those in Europe
  • Standard Bathroom Safety to more Customized Home Care Solutions
  • Standard Patient Lifts to Customized Home Lifting Systems for Care Giving Needs
  • Hard to Find Solutions for Specific Diseases and Conditions
  • Complex Repairs on all Equipment lead by a Master Technician with 25 years Experience in Repairs
  • Physical Therapy Equipment such as Pool Lifts for Water Therapy at home
  • Incontinence Care for all Situations. Simple to Complex. And, we understand this exceptionally well.

Enter as Strangers, Leave as Friends


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