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Pain Relief & Orthotics: Tips For Dealing with Arthritis

It’s no secret that arthritis can wreak havoc on the joints and the feet. At Affordable Medical Supply, we offer custom orthotics for those suffering from pain and discomfort. Arthritis affects the joints of the body, and the foot alone has 66 of these joints. It’s no surprise that foot pain is associated with arthritis patients. However, thankfully there are…

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Hurricane Preparedness Kits: Don’t Forget Medical Supplies!

Florida’s hurricane season can be severe. From fierce winds, heavy rains, dangerous waves, and flooding; you can never be too prepared. Hurricanes can cause extensive damage. It’s critical to take steps to prepare you and your family in the event of an evacuation. We often consider things like water, food, flashlights, and even irreplaceable valuables. However, many forget to include…

Medical Supply Kit

Putting Together A Medical Supply Kit

It’s not necessary to have all types of medical supplies available during day-to-day life, but there are some medical supplies that you should always have on hand. Whether you’re alone, caring care of an older loved-one, looking after children, or somewhere in the middle, having a decent first aid kit readily available can make a huge difference when accidents happen….

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The Most Common Types Of Medical Supplies

Medical supplies are necessary regardless of your age. From teeny-tiny to the golden years, Affordable Medical Supply has products and services to enhance our customers’ quality of life. In general, you will require medical supplies in three scenarios: i) emergencies, ii) injured and recovering, and iii) chronic conditions. Let’s break these down further… Medical Supplies For Emergencies Accidents happen. You…

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Homecare Solutions: Adjustable Beds

With so many customizable options, adjustable beds can be the homecare solution to health issues that you or your loved one’s face. If you are interested in an adjustable bed, here is a breakdown of what you need to know. What Is An Adjustable Bed? Adjustable beds are a great homecare solution to help alleviate any combination of issues you…

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Need Wound Care Products? Affordable Medical Supply Has You Covered

Whether it’s after an injury or following a surgery; wound care is the most important part of the healing process. Affordable Medical Supply knows the importance of proper wound care, as well as the vital part that wound care products can play. Wound Care Products Carried By Affordable Medical Supply Here are a few of the wound care products that…

Affordable Medical Supply

Why You Should Choose Affordable Medical Supply

Affordable Medical Supply is in the business of making life simpler for families facing challenging circumstances. Whether you need medical supplies for a short period of time, or you’re looking for a long-term supplier. Here are six good reasons to get your medical supplies from us. 1. Our Goal: Your Quality Of Life Our goal is to provide a complete…

Bath Safety

Shower & Bath Safety For Seniors

The National Institute on Aging states that the most dangerous place for senior citizens and where they feel most vulnerable is the bathroom. Does that surprise you? 80% of falls reported by the elderly occur in the bathroom and the Center For Disease Control And Prevention reports that one in three seniors will experience at least one fall in their…

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Understanding & Living With Urinary Incontinence: Men’s Edition

With 25% of all people suffering from urinary incontinence (UI) being males, UI needs to be discussed, and taken seriously. Affordable Medical Supply presents how men can understand and live with urinary incontinence to lead a more comfortable and sustainable life. Understanding Male Incontinence The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases says a healthy male bladder can…

Compression Stockings

How To Choose & Use Compression Stockings

Compression stockings are a specialized type of hosiery used for comfort, improvement in sports, and to curb several serious medical conditions. They are close-fitting, stretchy socks that gently apply an even amount of pressure around your leg. This pressure compresses the surface arteries, veins and muscles, forcing blood to circulate through the deeper narrow channels in the leg. By increasing…