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Selecting a Manual Wheelchair

Choosing a wheelchair can be difficult. Weight capacities, wheel styles, arm rests, seating and cushions should be considered before purchasing any wheelchair. If you decide to use your heath Insurance for the financial coverage of your wheelchair, there may be specific guidelines that must be met to receive coverage. All insurance companies require a prescription for a wheelchair. Your prescription will state which type of wheelchair your doctor feels is best suited for your condition. Affordable Medical Supply adheres to all insurance guidelines and will assist you to better understand your wheelchair coverage. Should you decide to upgrade the covered wheelchair to one that has more features, we will gladly explain your personal out-of-pocket financial responsibility beforehand. Our customer service representatives are standing by to answer any additional questions you have.

Descriptions of the most common types of Manual Wheelchairs

Transport / Companion Wheelchairs

Transport Wheelchairs have four smaller wheels and have lightweight frames. Transport chairs are sometimes called Companion Wheelchairs because it requires another person to push it. All Transport Chairs are lightweight and can be easily folded to place in a car, trunk, SUV or even the backseat of your car. Most Transport wheelchairs have fixed arms and swing away leg rests. However, there are Transport Wheelchairs that have special features such as hand brakes, desk arms or removable armrests as well as some that are specifically designed for the bathroom or shower.

Caution: If you use Oxygen and plan to place or hang that tank on the back of a Transport Wheelchair, please be extremely cautious as most all Transport Chairs do not have Anti-Tippers. The weight of the bag may be too heavy and cause the chair to tip backwards. It is also not safe to place any type of elevating leg rests on a transport wheelchair due to the weight of the leg rest.

Standard Wheelchairs:

Standard Wheelchairs are the perfect choice when you want to self-propel. A Standard wheelchair most commonly comes with Fixed Armrests and Swing Away Foot Rests. Other features of a Standard Wheelchair can include, Desk Arms, Flip Back Arms, or Removable Armrests. Most Standard wheelchairs weigh between 34 and 45 lbs. depending on the type. We follow all insurance guidelines and will help explain what coverage you have for what type of wheelchair. It is best to choose this chair with any and all features that you feel you will want in the future as most insurance companies only pay for 1 wheelchair in a 5 year period. Should you want to upgrade this wheelchair to one with more features, we will gladly explain any upgraded out-of-pocket expenses.

Light Weight Wheelchairs:

Light Weight wheelchairs are ideal for users require special options. Frame weights fall under 35 lbs; stock features include foldable frames, desk or full length armrests and removable swing away footrests. Custom options include the wheelchair’s seat size, color, upholstery, armrests, foot rests, wheels, tires, and casters.

Ultra Lightweight Wheelchairs

Ultra lightweight wheelchairs have frames that weighs as low as 12 lbs. and are available with both folding and rigid frames. These wheelchairs are customized from the seat choices to the casters. You can customize this wheelchair to include additional sets of tires for different terrains and sports. Most insurances have stringent requirements in order for you to receive full reimbursement.

Reclining Back Wheelchairs

Reclining Back wheelchairs offer a unique option of reclining back 90-degrees. This wheelchair is best used for anyone who needs to be reclined due to trunk instability or other special needs.

Heavy Duty Wheelchairs:

Bariatric wheelchairs can accommodate nearly any user that needs the weight capacity of up to 700 lbs and seat sizes up to 30”. Heavy Duty chairs are foldable and come standard with arm rests and swing away footrests. All Bariatric wheelchairs have double crossbar frames and carry special requirements to meet insurance guidelines. It is important to make sure the users measurements and weights are exact to insure safety.

Wheelchair Breakdown

wheelchair breakdown