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Whether you are looking for relief from symptoms due to an ailment or injury or simply want the most comfort when you go to sleep, Flex-A-Bed adjustable beds are the solution. If you are bedridden, be it temporarily or permanently, Flex-A-Bed allows you to be productive while in bed during the day, and sleep soundly in it at night. These beds allow complete customization of head and foot positions for optimal comfort and relaxation and they set the standard for adjustable electric beds.

Available in Twin, Full, Queen, Dual Queen and Dual King sizes, you can reap the benefits of a medical bed without compromising on the look of your home or living space. Each bed comes ready to attach to standard-size headboards, and the mattresses can fit into most standard-size bed frames.

Flex-A-Bed Features

  • Luxury innerspring mattress – soft, medium, and firm available.
  • Mattress upgrades. All sizes of mattress can be upgraded to latex, visco-elastic memory foam, or a combo of visco and innersprings.
  • Massage upgrade available.
  • Wired and wireless hand controls available.
  • Height from floor to top of mattress is 19’ inches.
  • Mattress materials treated with Bioguard™ which prevents bacterial growth.
  • Head and foot motors are independent.
  • 2ft -7ft leg extensions available.
  • Heavy-duty padded base made from Advantech® material which won’t warp over time, break, or squeak.
  • Whisper-quiet Linak© motor technology.
  • Available in standard (80’’) length, as well as 74’’ and 84’’ length options.

Back & Leg Massage Upgrade

If you decide to upgrade and include the back and leg massage option – you’re in for a treat. The head and foot of the bed have separate buttons, with three different modes – pulse, wave, and steady massage. This means the head and foot can be operated on their own or together, with 15 different combinations running at the same time.

There is an automatic shut-off after half an hour – the timer is activated as soon as the vibrators are switched on.

Single Or Pair Rails

You determine which side the single rail will go on when laying in bed on your back. This optional extra requires assembly, but clear instructions are included.

Benefits Of Flex-A-Bed

flex a bed

There is no debate on the importance of a good night’s sleep. If you or a loved one are struggling to sleep due to discomfort or pain, the Flex-A-Bed may be the perfect solution.

Adjustable beds have been found to help alleviate the effects of:

  • Arthritis (the bed can be positioned in a way that removes the ache, as well as make it easier to get out of bed in the morning by raising the head and lowering the foot)
  • Acid reflux
  • Asthma and other breathing disorders
  • Edema (swollen legs and feet due to a build up of fluid – alleviate these effects by raising the feet and legs)
  • Hiatal hernias
  • Phlebitis
  • Varicose veins
  • Back and neck pain

Adjustable beds are not limited to those who are in hospital or chronically ill. Many healthy baby boomers benefit from using an adjustable bed because it can be adjusted to accommodate every change the body goes through. The Flex-A-Bed removes pressure from painful vertebrae and can be changed to help ease the pain the moment it’s happening.

The ability to fully customize means that your bed is tailored to your specific needs. This means you can be entirely comfortable as you read your favorite book, watch a good movie, or sleep better than you’ve ever slept before.

What Makes The Flex-A-Bed Different?

Flex-A-Bed’s Dual-Queen and Dual-King mattresses have independent control, allowing a couple’s individual needs to be met each night.

The Premier model allows every offered amenity to be added as an upgrade. This means your bed will be completely customizable – with hundreds of configurations to match your unique needs. Every mattress size can be upgraded to latex, visco-elastic memory foam, or a combination of visco and innersprings.


One of the best things about Flex-A-Bed is the Limited Lifetime Warranty that comes with every purchase. This will not apply to any product subjected to misuse, alteration, or repair by the customer or an unauthorized representative.

  • Years 1-2: Free in-home parts exchange (included labor)
  • Years 3-5: Free parts exchange
  • Years 5+: Repair fee of $100 plus shipping (both ways)

Why We Like Flex-A-Bed

Affordable Medical Supply believes in keeping you and your loved ones comfortable in all areas and stages of life. Flex-A-Bed caters to your specific needs, easily adjusting to accommodate any changes you’re going through. Those who are bedridden are able to adjust the bed themselves using wired or wireless hand controls, giving back a sense of autonomy. Dual Massage upgrades provide endless relaxation for inactive, tired, or aching muscles.

The expert craftsmen who hand-build these beds use principles of care and consideration – two values which echo our own. Use Flex-A-Bed today and enjoy the benefits of a fully adjustable medical bed in the comfort and security of your home.