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10th Nov
Adult Diapers

Adult Diapers For Urinary Incontinence

Losing bladder control can lead to leaking urine by accident, a condition known as urinary incontinence, also known as an overactive bladder.  Thanks to comfortable adult diapers, adults don’t need to struggle with bladder control without a manageable solution. At Affordable Medical Supply, we offer products for all types of incontinence care needs, as well as information to boost your…

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14th Oct
zoomer chair

Get Around With The Portable Zoomer Chair

Are you struggling with mobility and moving around? Perhaps you have a loved one entering their golden years or recovering from an injury? As technology and research have improved, innovative equipment has emerged to improve comfort, convenience, and safety. The portable zoomer chair is the perfect example of such medical equipment for rent and purchase, and here’s all you need…

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16th Sep
grab bars installation

Where Should Grab Bars Be Installed

Are you looking for effective ways to improve safety in the bathroom? Grab bars offer confidence and security while conducting daily hygiene habits. Whether you’re experiencing limited mobility, struggling with an injury, or investing in new ways to care for an elderly parent, grab bars installation makes daily life easier, safer, and more convenient. If you want to make the…

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18th Aug
care managers

Affordable Medical Supply: A Great Resource For Care Managers

Care Managers are facilitators who can give advice and provide information about the different options available for care and services in their area. Beyond just knowing the services available, they also know the quality and costs of different providers. Affordable Medical Supply can be a resource for Care Managers because we have everything a Care Manager needs to help their…

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12th Jul
bath chairs

Why Should You Buy A Bath Chair From A Medical Supply Company?

As the years pass by, certain activities become more challenging. Fortunately, there are medical supplies and equipment that can help you complete everyday tasks with confidence and comfort – including bathing. A bath chair offers many benefits, from improved safety to a sense of independence. When browsing for the perfect bath chair to meet your needs, consider a medical supply…

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14th Jun
mobility solutions

Mobility Solutions For Traveling Seniors

They say that age is just a number, and we couldn’t agree more! During your adult years, time is spent looking after children, working a full-time job, and managing social commitments. After retirement, life becomes more flexible, and there is more time to travel, relax and tick off your bucket list. However, limited mobility can sometimes present a challenge –…

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11th May
stairlift chair

8 Benefits Of Installing A Stairlift Chair In Your Home

If you or a loved one are struggling with limited mobility, then a stairlift chair is an excellent addition to the home. There are various reasons that mobility may be limited, from injuries and operation recovery to periods to aching joints. Stairlift chairs make it easier to move up and down the stairs, especially when downsizing to a single-level home…

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13th Apr
wheelchair rentals

5 Reasons To Rent A Wheelchair While On Vacation

Travel opens many doors to adventure and excitement, but restricted mobility can prevent you from enjoying the full experience.  Whether you currently rely on a wheelchair to move around, or you struggle to move for extended periods of time, then wheelchair rentals could be your saving grace!  They offer an affordable solution when going on vacation, especially in destinations that…

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9th Mar
medical furniture

Useful Medical Furniture & Equipment For Seniors

Medical furniture can assist with mobility and safety, helping people to live an independent life despite physical limitations. As we age, it’s normal to experience decreased agility and slower reflexes, but that doesn’t mean that quality of life needs to be implicated. Medical furniture and equipment are designed with a specific purpose and offer both peace of mind and improved…

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2nd Feb
Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment That Helps Keep Your Heart Health in Check

February is American Heart Month in the United States, and Affordable Medical Supply would like to take this opportunity to talk about how we can proactively take care of our hearts to avoid complications in the future. As we get older, it’s important to keep more consistent tabs on your health. With Covid-19 still raging across the country, monitoring heart…

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