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8th Feb
medical equipment rental

Medical Equipment Rentals That Improve Quality Of Life

Medical equipment rental makes it possible for individuals facing health challenges to live at home comfortably and safely. Renting medical equipment is also ideal for providing short-term care for out-of-town guests and patients recovering from an operation or procedure. For people with a chronic or long-term condition, renting a piece of medical equipment makes it easier to decide whether it would…

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11th Jan
bath aids

National Bath Safety Month: Tips On Bath Safety For Adults

January is National Bath Safety Month and a good time to have a fresh look at one of the riskiest areas in the home. When water and a slippery surface combine, the risk of falls and injuries increases. Bath Safety Month highlights how important it is to create a safety zone in the bathroom. In this article, we take a look at…

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14th Dec
mobility equipment supplier

Florida’s Premium Mobility Equipment Supplier

When it comes to improved mobility and active retirement lifestyles, there are lots of innovative products and services available today worth exploring. It’s easier than ever to stay active and enjoy independent living. However, it can be challenging to find the best mobility equipment solutions, identify the most trustworthy mobility equipment supplier, and know which products are available for your…

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16th Nov
scooter rentals

Scooter Rental For Your Out Of Town Guests

We’re heading into the time of year when we get to reflect on gratitude, catch up with family, and open our homes to guests. Hosting out-of-town visitors means being aware of food preferences, allergies, and, most importantly, mobility challenges. Mobility scooter rentals make it easy to provide an enjoyable stay for guests who need assistance getting around. If you’re considering…

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19th Oct
mobility scooters

Mobility Scooters For Sale, Rental, And Repair

Did you know that 12% of Americans experience mobility issues and struggle walking? Using a mobility scooter can restore a sense of independence and improve quality of life. Knowing what types of scooters are available can help you make the right choice when you rent or buy one. If you’re considering a scooter as a mobility aid, keep reading to…

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14th Sep
medical supply store

Essential Tips For Choosing The Right Medical Supply Store

Taking the time to choose the right medical supply store is important to ensure the quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare practices. A reliable and reputable store ensures that healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers have access to high-quality medical supplies and equipment — but how do you choose the best provider? Committed to customer-driven solutions, we’ve put together five essential…

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17th Aug
zoomer chair

Top Features To Look For In A Zoomer Chair For Maximum Mobility

The Zoomer Chair is a mobility scooter that has become a popular choice for individuals seeking a versatile, reliable, and comfortable way to get around. This innovative mobility aid is operated by a joystick and can fold down for easy transport and storage. It offers all the functionality of a full-size electric wheelchair with the added feature of a lightweight…

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13th Jul
blood pressure machine

Protect Your Heart Health With Reliable Blood Pressure Monitors

Hypertension, often referred to as the silent killer, has significant negative effects on all major organs, including the heart. Persistently high blood pressure causes the heart to have to work much harder, leading to various complications to the heart muscle and your overall health. Regular monitoring of your blood pressure is crucial, as it allows individuals and health care professionals…

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15th Jun
adjustable beds

Benefits Of Adjustable Beds How They Can Improve Your Sleep And Health

Did you know that the percentage of adults who suffer from insomnia increases to nearly 50% from the age of 65? As they age, many adults find it increasingly difficult to fall asleep and remain asleep throughout the night. Getting too little sleep, or low-quality sleep, results in feelings of lethargy, irritation, and bodily discomfort. Adjustable beds are a popular sleeping…

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18th May
lift chairs

Benefits Of Using A Lift Chair For Elderly Or Mobility-Challenged Individuals

Lift chairs offer comfort and relaxation and are the perfect solution for mobility-challenged individuals and injury recovery. They appear like regular recliners and provide hours of comfort while you watch your favorite television show or flip the pages of a book. However, they include a range of features that make it easy to stand up and get out of the…

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