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7th Dec
Medical Consultant

How Can A Medical Consultant Help?

A consistent and steadily growing sector in the US economy is the healthcare industry, particularly for the Baby Boomer generation who are now seniors, making up a large portion of the American population. Elder care is a necessity for most families with older parents or those with children who have developmental disabilities. Today assisted and independent living with healthcare services…

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30th Nov
Rehab Supplies

Post-Op Rehab Supplies You Didn’t Know You Needed

For people who are bed-ridden after surgery, it is important to stock up on necessities before going into hospital. We recommend that you or the person looking after you purchase the following post-op medical and rehab supplies, to ensure your post-op experience is as easy and comfortable as possible. Wound Care Supplies Although some operations are non-invasion, many result in…

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16th Nov
Incontinence Supplies

Incontinence Supplies: Which Products Do I Buy?

There are many things you need to keep in mind when shopping for incontinence supplies, but unfortunately most people don’t understand why it’s so important. You need to take into consideration a variety of things when making a decision on incontinence supplies for a loved one. It’s also very important to take note of their specific needs, time of day,…

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9th Nov
Patient Transfers

Techniques That Help Ease The Difficulty In Patient Transfers

Caregivers will tell you that most difficult part of their day is when they coordinate patient transfers from one piece of equipment to another. It’s not only harmful if it is done without preparation, it can be catastrophic if the situation is not assessed properly by a professional. It could be a physical therapist, occupational therapist or a consultant that…

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12th Oct
Medical Equipment Rental

When You Need Medical Equipment Rental

Finding yourself in need of medical equipment can cause stress to you and your family, especially when time or funding are limiting factors. Buying a piece of equipment may not be an affordable option especially if the equipment is only needed for a short period of time. Waiting for your insurance company to approve the purchase may also cause a…

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8th Oct
Facts About Blood Pressure

The Facts About Blood Pressure You Need To Know

Blood pressure is understood as the force placed on the blood vessel walls in your body, as the blood passes through them. An increase in this force, leads to an increase in the blood pressure- commonly known as hypertension. Similarly, a decrease in this force, leads to a decrease in the blood pressure- commonly known as hypotension. Affordable Medical Supply…

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28th Sep
Aging In Place

Aging In Place And The Risk Of Falls

Ask a room full of seniors this question, “how many of you would like to age in your own home”? 99% of all hands will shoot in the air. However, when it comes to aging in place, the issue is that as we age, our ability to navigate in our homes decreases. On another note, ask the room “how many…

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21st Sep
Bath Safety Tips

Bath Safety Tips For The Elderly

Every 11 seconds an older adult goes to the emergency room for a fall-related injury, according to the National Council on Aging. For senior citizens, the bathroom can be one of the most dangerous places in their home, which is why installing bathroom safety products is very important. Showers and baths in particular pose a serious threat. To prevent your…

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20th Jul
lift chairs

The Benefits of Lift Chairs

The more we age, the more chance of us getting arthritis, a disease or condition, or other medical reasons why it makes it more difficult to do daily activities. One simple activity that most of us could easily do now becomes a challenge on an everyday basis. That challenge is the simple task of getting up and down from a…

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29th Jun
bed alarms

Bed Alarms Are Here To Help

A bed alarm is a simple yet practical resource that provides both comfort and security. This easy addition in the bedroom guarantees peace of mind, making it easier to care for your loved one, and keep them safe. As part of the many bed supply services we offer, such as bed rails and over-bed tables, a bed alarm can be…

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