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  • Nebulizer machines, medications and related accessories are usually covered if you have obstructive pulmonary disease, but can also be covered to deliver specific medications if you have HIV, Cystic Fibrosis, bronchiectasis, pneumocystosis, complications of organ transplants, or for persistent thick or tenacious pulmonary secretions. 
  • You may obtain up to a three month’s supply of nebulizer medications and accessories at a time as long as you continue to regularly use the medications through your machine. 
  • If at any time you stop using your medications, please notify your supplier. 
  • Nebulizer machines are considered to be capped rental items, and that means they cannot be purchased outright. You will own the equipment after Medicare makes 13 payments toward the purchase of the equipment. 
  • Newly established requirements of the Affordable Care Act require a specific office visit with your physician or healthcare practitioner to assess and document your need for this equipment take place and must then issue a compliant written order. 
  • Depending on which product is ordered, your supplier may not be able to deliver this equipment to you without a written order or certificate of medical necessity from your doctor or healthcare provider. If the equipment is subject to these special rules, your supplier cannot get the documentation at a later date because if they do, Medicare can never make payment for those products to you or your supplier when a compliant order is not secured before delivery. So please be patient with your supplier while they collect the required documentation from your physician or healthcare provider. 
  • When at home, you may receive up to a 3-month supply of nebulizer accessories at one time. 
  • You must have nearly depleted the supplies on hand to be eligible for additional products. 

** Some or all of the products in this category may be subject to competitive bidding depending on where you live. Ask your supplier for details.