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Mobility Scooters For Sale, Rental, And Repair

mobility scooters

Did you know that 12% of Americans experience mobility issues and struggle walking? Using a mobility scooter can restore a sense of independence and improve quality of life. Knowing what types of scooters are available can help you make the right choice when you rent or buy one.

If you’re considering a scooter as a mobility aid, keep reading to find out what options are available to you.

What Is A Mobility Scooter?

A mobility scooter is a battery-powered, electric mobility aid used by people who find it hard to get around or walk for long distances. Mobility scooters can be suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They are usually simple to operate and run on batteries that can easily be charged at home.

Mobility Scooter

Buying, Renting, And Repairing

Whether you’re investing in your own, renting for a short period, or looking for someone to repair your scooter, working with industry professionals such as Affordable Medical Supply puts you in good hands. All the options are available under one roof and come with experienced advice and personalized care.

Owning A Scooter

Buying a mobility scooter for yourself or a loved one is an investment in quality of life. Owning a scooter is an ideal option for situations such as:

  • Chronic health conditions that limit mobility
  • Trauma or injury leading to a permanent change in the ability to get around
  • Genetic conditions that affect the ability to walk

Renting A Scooter

Renting a scooter is a great short-term option that provides the benefits without having to buy your own. This is an ideal option for situations such as:

  • Mobility-challenged visitors. If you have a loved one coming to stay for a holiday, renting a scooter allows them to maintain their freedom and enjoy their visit.
  • After an injury or operation. Renting a scooter allows for a comfortable healing process after an operation until you regain full mobility.
  • Trial run before purchasing. If you aren’t sure whether a mobility scooter is right for you, renting one is the best way to explore the benefits and limitations to see if it would fit into your lifestyle.

Scooter Repair To Keep You Moving

When your mobility scooter breaks down or isn’t running properly, you need a reliable business that can get you back up and running again as fast as possible. The repair staff at Affordable Medical Supply understands the difference your scooter makes to your life and aims to get repairs done quickly and efficiently.

If you’d prefer to avoid repair downtime, you can schedule an assessment twice a year to look for early warning signs of developing problems. Quarterly maintenance is another way to avoid big repair jobs. Maintenance covers services such as cleaning, minor adjustments, and safety evaluations. This allows for parts to be ordered ahead of time and repairs that are planned around your convenience.

Electric Wheelchair

Mobility Scooter Or Electric Wheelchair?

Scooters and electric wheelchairs are designed for the same purpose but are more suited to particular users. When deciding, factor in the user’s abilities and their purpose in using a chair or scooter.

Mobility scooters work best for:

  • Those with a good sense of balance for navigating corners without tipping
  • Individuals with enough torso control to sit upright unaided
  • Users with sufficient arm strength to control the steering mechanism
  • Those who can walk short distances between parking and their destination, as not all buildings allow scooters
  • Anyone needing to travel on roads as there are roadworthy scooters available
  • Individuals requiring a higher weight tolerance

Electric wheelchairs work best for:

  • Individuals who need to use an armrest joystick to navigate rather than leaning forward to use a steering tiller
  • Traveling outdoors and indoors as most buildings accommodate wheelchairs
  • Individuals looking for comfortable and customizable seating
  • Users with balance issues as wheelchairs are stable

Types Of Mobility Scooters

To get the most use out of your mobility scooter, choose one that suits your lifestyle. There are different types of scooters, each with their advantages. As you consider what to look for in mobility scooters, these are some of the options:


With two drive wheels at the back and a single wheel at the front, these scooters offer more legroom. This extra space is good for accommodating those with leg or knee ailments. Tall individuals often find three-wheelers more comfortable.

Three-wheel models are highly maneuverable and have a tight turning radius, which makes them ideal for navigating malls and public transport. Three-wheelers are typically used on smooth surfaces such as tiles, laminate, or pavements, as they aren’t suited to rugged terrain. Three-wheel scooters can be fitted with all-terrain tires to allow users to get around outdoors.


A four-wheel scooter has two wheels at the front and two at the back, which creates a strong base that can carry more weight than the three-wheel version. The four-wheel design also provides greater stability which makes it a good choice for anyone with balance issues.

The stability of a four-wheeler makes them ideal for outdoor use and navigating rough terrain. They are often able to go faster and travel greater distances than the lighter models.

Foldable Or Travel

For traveling to visit friends and family, a foldable scooter is an ideal choice as they are completely portable. Travel scooters can either fold up or disassemble into a few smaller parts that generally fit into the trunk of a car. Flying becomes much simpler as these scooters can be loaded as airplane cargo.

Foldable scooters tend to be smaller and lighter than other scooters. You may find the seats to be smaller and have less padding, but they make up for it by being highly portable.

Heavy Duty

If you require a scooter with a higher weight capacity, a heavy-duty scooter can carry up to approximately 500 pounds. With a wide, sturdy base and a more powerful motor, these scooters are built for rough terrain and offer a stable driving experience.

Mobility Scooter

Why Use A Mobility Scooter?

If you’ve never used a scooter before, you may wonder whether it will make a difference to the quality of your or your loved one’s life. These are some of the benefits:

Restoring Mobility And Maintaining Independence

For those who can’t walk easily, the loss of mobility becomes a challenge that often shrinks their social lives and confidence. Restoring the freedom to go to shops, visit friends, or get out in the sunshine without waiting for help, a mobility scooter can boost their sense of independence. This has a profound effect on wellbeing and mental health.

Comfortable And Safe

Using walking aids such as walkers or canes over long distances can be tiring and even painful at times. Mobility scooters are designed for the comfort of their passenger, with soft, padded seats and backrests. Using a scooter shortens the time it takes to cover longer distances.

Using a scooter also lowers the amount of physical exertion needed to get around. This helps reduce the chances of falling and fall-related injuries.

Simple to Use

Mobility scooters all have similar, simple-to-operate controls. Without any tricky gears to get used to, there is no big learning curve before you get going. Charge the batteries at home, following the manufacturer’s instructions, and there shouldn’t be any trouble staying mobile.

Aids Healing And Rehabilitation

Mobility is often limited after surgery, an illness, or injury. Using a scooter takes the strain off your body, allowing for quicker healing. Being mobile while recovering reduces the mental and emotional strain of relying on others for daily errands.

Scooters For Mobility In Tamarac

Whether you’ve decided to rent or buy a scooter, our knowledgeable staff at Affordable Medical Supply is here to assist you. With years of experience in getting people moving comfortably and safely, we are ready to offer advice and support you through the process.

If you’re in Tamarac, visit our medical supply store, contact us online, or call 866-484-7599.

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