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National Bath Safety Month: Tips On Bath Safety For Adults

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January is National Bath Safety Month and a good time to have a fresh look at one of the riskiest areas in the home. When water and a slippery surface combine, the risk of falls and injuries increases. Bath Safety Month highlights how important it is to create a safety zone in the bathroom. In this article, we take a look at some of the bath aids available, such as bath chairs, and how they can help. We also offer some practical tips for bath safety.

Bath Aids For Comfort And Safety

Investing in the right bath safety products not only reduces the risks involved when bathing and showering but also creates an area that allows those with mobility limitations to be more independent. Apart from practicalities, bath aids bring back the comfort and relaxation that bath time may have lost.

These are some of the aids available to bring bliss back to the bathroom:

Bath Chairs And Transfer Seats

Bath chairs allow the bather to get into the bath easily and provide comfortable seating while in the water. Most bath chairs are designed to lower and lift the person in and out of the water. A sliding transfer bench allows the bather to sit down next to the bath, slide across, and be lowered into the tub.

Bath Steps

A bath step is a sturdy, plastic step with a rubberized base that prevents slipping on tiled flooring. Bath steps help those who aren’t able to lift their legs high enough to step over the side of the bath. Using a bath step reduces the distance for getting in and out of the tub.

Bath Boards

A bath board fits over the bathtub to make bathing easier. Its first function is to give bathers a less demanding way to get into the bath. By sitting on the board, they’re able to lift their legs into the tub, one at a time. Bath boards provide a comfortable seat for those who aren’t able to climb over the edge of the tub. Bath boards work well when paired with a hand-held shower.

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Bath Cushions And Pillows

Bath pillows make it more comfortable for a bather to lie back and relax in the tub. They are usually held in place with straps or suction cups. The edge of the bath isn’t always comfortable to rest against, but a bath pillow softens the area.

Bath Strips

Bath strips are textured, non-slip strips that are easy to install in baths, showers, and swimming pools to provide better grip. They are non-abrasive and gentle on the skin, but reduce the risk of slips and falls in high-risk areas. They are a versatile solution that doesn’t require construction to install but can be retrofitted into baths of any shape or size.

Non-Slip Bathroom Mats

Regular throw rugs are dangerous to use in the bathroom, as they are slippery on tiles and can cause falls. Choose non-slip mats with a rubberized backing, or mats that secure to the floor. Check that the edges don’t lift and create a tripping hazard.

Long Handled Bathing Accessories

Brushes and loofahs with extra long handles make it easier to clean all the hard-to-reach areas. They operate like arm extensions and are also useful for those with limited mobility due to injury or surgery.

Foot Sole Cleaners

Good foot hygiene keeps feet healthy, free from infections, and smelling great. For those who find it hard to reach their feet when washing, foot sole cleaners are a perfect solution. A foot sole cleaner is a bath aid that comes in various shapes and attaches to the bathtub or shower with suction pads.

Bristles provide a cleaning and exfoliating action. All the bather needs to do is move their foot around on the cleaning mat for a comfortable, safe, foot hygiene solution.

Cast And Dressing Protectors

Keeping dressings dry after an operation can be challenging. Using cast and dressing protectors eliminates the need for the person in recovery to contort their bodies to keep them out of the reach of the water. With a dressing protector in place, the bather can focus on moving safely without worrying about their cast getting wet.

Grab Bars

Grab bars are one of the best ways to help people get around in a bathroom. They’re useful for getting in and out of the bath and shower, as well as near the toilet, as they help with sitting and standing.

Grab bars installed by professionals provide trustworthy support. As they are anchored into the wall, they are secure and safe. Towel rails and soap dishes aren’t meant to bear weight and aren’t suitable for use as grab bars.

Consider these factors when installing grab bars:

  • Position: Inside and outside the shower, alongside the bath, and freestanding near the toilet are the most common places for grab bars to go. The heights and angles are best matched to how tall or short the bath user is.
  • Shape: Choose between straight, L-shaped, and U-shaped.
  • Material: Choose non-slip surfaces. Knurled metal is a popular option, as the scoured surface of the metal promotes a good grip.

Walk-In Bath

Walk-in baths feature a watertight door that opens to allow the bather to get into the bath without having to climb over the edge. Many walk-in tubs are molded to provide comfortable seating, and feature handheld shower heads that make washing and rinsing off easy.

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Practical Tips For A Safer Bathroom

Along with investing in bath aids, there are simple changes you can make in your bathroom setup to make it safer. A safe bathroom can ease stress and reduce anxiety around bathing. Here are some easy changes you can make that will make a huge difference:

  • Reduce Clutter: Keeping the bathroom free of unnecessary clutter makes a bathroom safer, as there are fewer items to navigate around,such as dirty laundry or slippery mats.
  • Keep Essentials Within Reach: Provide shelving so that everyday toiletries such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer are within arm’s reach. Doing so minimizes the need for the bather to stretch and reach for items that can result in overbalancing and falling.
  • Light The Bathroom Well: Being able to see properly helps prevent tripping and slipping.
  • Lower The Water Heater Temperature: Lowering the temperature on the water heater helps prevent burns from water that is too hot. Consider installing mixer faucets that allow temperature adjustment using one central control.
  • Attach Fixtures Securely: This applies to wall-mounted cabinets, towel rails, and soap dishes. Securing all fixtures reduces the risk of them coming off the wall and injuring the occupant.

Every Month Is Bath Safety Month With Affordable Medical Supply

January is bath safety month, but with us, your bathroom can be a comfortable haven all year round! Whether you’re looking for a range of products, or a consultation for advice to make your bathroom safer, our compassionate staff are ready to help you. With over 45 years of experience, we understand the challenges of limited mobility. Contact us at 954-532-2650 for personalized solutions to suit your situation.

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