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Grab Bar Installation

grab bar installation

We Take Safety Seriously

Affordable Medical Supply, with 45 years of experience on their side, provides grab bar installation, as well as in-home assessments. We professionally install grab bars into your shower or tub wall. The most effective Grab Bars are diamond cut and knurled for safety so soap scum does not stick on the safety bar. Grab Bars are installed into Tile or Marble surfaces. Due to our safety concerns, we do not install smooth decorative grab bars as we feel they do not provide a good grip and are not safe when around soap and water.

Licensed and bonded.

The purpose of a grab bar is for safety. The gab bars come in different lengths and there are many styles, however, our focus is on styles that have a grip when needing to hold on. Grab bars are not only installed for elderly people who are not sure-footed anymore, but young children or injured family members as well.

The Purpose Of A Grab Bar

More falls occur in Bathrooms than any other room in the home, in fact, there are more emergency calls for falls in the bathrooms than all emergency calls combined. The surfaces are slippery when wet or steamy, there is more turning in the small space of the bathroom creating a high chance of falls. If you do fall, it is most likely catastrophic since there are hard ceramic surfaces, jagged edges, and smaller spaces. That’s why safety on the bathroom is of the upmost importance.

What to Consider When Installing A Grab Bar

In order for grab bars to be effective there are a number of things to consider before installation. Locations where balance is most likely lost during movements will help determine the type of material, shape and height of the grab bars.

    • Location

      Typically a grab bar will be placed on the end wall of the Tub or Shower to help you with getting into, and out of, the shower. This one bar is generally smaller and placed at an angle to better your grip by using either hand. A second grab bar is most typically placed on the long wall of the shower or tub to grab when standing to steady yourself while washing. Some may like a grab bar at the front of the tub to help them get up after bathing.

    • Material

      Grab bars come in different metals, most commonly stainless steel and nickel, or heavy duty plastic. The most effective grab bars are those that are knurled and have a diamond cut on the bar itself. The diamond cut bars will not retain the soap scum and keep the grip solid when needing to hold it. Metal grab bars are drilled into place making them permanent. We do not feel that any suction Grab Bar is safe since they can come loose very easily. The likelihood that you will notice the failure of the bar before the fall, is low.

  • Shape

    Although mostly straight, grab bars can be found in an L shape and a U shape.

The Installation Process

It is always recommended to have grab bars installed by a professional. Get a Healthcare professionals advice before moving forward as they have the most experience in discussing the safety issues. Also, a Healthcare professional can do a complete safety check by providing an in-home assessment, to give insight on areas that may be a higher risk of falls as you age in your own home, or take care of a loved one with a disability.

Grab bar installation provides individuals, with issues such as mobility, disabilities, neurological disorders, and aging seniors, the freedom to use the shower/tub in a safe capacity. Affordable Medical Supply not only provides grab bar installation, but in-home safety assessments to make aging in place a safer environment.