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The Benefits of Pool Lifts

pool lifts

Not being able to join your family in the pool during the summer and enjoying the opportunity to bond with them is a horrible experience after suffering a loss in mobility. Pool steps and ladders have never been designed with the mobility impaired in mind and can make the process of entering the pool as difficult as exiting it. However, there is a simple solution to this frustrating problem. Pool lifts – these nifty inventions allow anyone to enter and exit the pool in a safe manner.

sr smith pool liftWhat is a Pool Lift?

This piece of equipment has its origins in bath safety products. The concept is similar to that of a bath lift combined with a transfer bench. Similar to a bath lift, the pool lift is designed to lower a person on a seat into the water and raise the person out of the water. It acts as a transfer bench, by having a starting and finishing position that is away from the edge of the pool and water. Once someone is sitting on the lift, it swivels to position the seat above the water, and when it’s time to come out of the pool it swivels back to its starting position to make accessing a walker, wheelchair or mobility scooter that much easier.

How Does a Pool Lift Benefit People

These lifts can benefit a multitude of people with different conditions and varying ages. Some examples are as follows

  • The Elderly: Exercise is important at all ages, unfortunately age is often accompanied by arthritis and a difficulty in mobility due to frailty which makes exercising difficult. Having access to a pool and having the ability to enter the pool to walk against the resistance of water is one of the few ways our elderly clients can exercise in their own homes.
  • Obesity Sufferers: Just with the elderly, it is recommended for obesity sufferers to walk in a pool as their exercise. While entering the pool may be easy, injuries often occur as they struggle to lift their own weight from the water.
  • Cerebral Palsy: No child should miss out on the opportunity to enjoy a pool. While the most important thing is to ensure they are wearing the correct safety floating devices, having access to a lift, allows them to experience the similar swimming freedom of their peers.
  • Handicapped Persons: The Paralympics have shown us that anyone can be an athlete, and nobody should be robbed from the opportunity. Similar to those with Cerebral Palsy, a lift can give handicapped persons the same ease and opportunity of using a pool like their peers
  • Healthy Persons: While healthy persons may not need the use of a pool lift, it still offers benefits to them. It is a naturally safer method to exit a pool, by reducing the risks of slipping and falling when attempting to leave the pool. Another added level of safety that these lifts provide is in the unfortunate event someone is hurt in the pool. Lifts allow for them to be removed from the pool without the risk of aggravating the injury.

While having access to a pool is a freeing experience for everyone, it is still recommended that children and people suffering from an illness be supervised or have easy access to panic or help buttons. Should you have any questions or queries on pool lifts, or any home medical equipment we at Affordable Medical Supply are more than happy to help you. We can supply you with equipment and water therapy products on both temporary and permanent basis. Give us a call at 866-484-7599 for more information.

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