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Your One-Stop Medical Supply Store This Holiday Season

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The holiday season is all about creating memories and celebrating with the people you hold most dear. However, age-related health and mobility issues can sometimes get in the way of families spending quality time together.

If you or a loved one have family in South Florida that you’d love to visit, you don’t need to worry about your health and safety requirements this year. Affordable Medical Supply has equipment rental services to ensure practical comfort as well as quality medical supplies to meet all your needs.

Read on to learn how our medical supply store can serve you and your family this holiday season.

Mobility Solutions

One of the biggest concerns when traveling is mobility. How will you get around from day to day when you don’t have your usual support systems in place?

Our mobility solutions increase your freedom of movement and independence while making traveling easier.

Zoomer Chair

The Zoomer Chair is essentially a lightweight chair with motorized wheels. This nifty device has a joystick for easy steering and fits perfectly under standard-height desks and tables. It’s designed for both indoor and outdoor use.


Wheelchairs are comfortable, easily transportable, and can make the holiday season hassle-free. Wheelchair rental may not be ideal for use in homes with stairs or tight hallways, but it offers a great solution for out-and-about holiday activities.

Walking Sticks

Walking sticks are the perfect holiday companion that helps offset fatigue which can be brought on by heavy socializing or traveling. Modern walking sticks are lightweight, foldable, and inexpensive.

Walking Frames

A step up from a walking stick, a walking frame provides incredible stability and support. Most walking frames will not fold up at all, so it’s best to rent one in the location you’re traveling to.

Medical Supplies

When spending time with family over the holidays, it’s important to remember that accidents can sometimes happen.  Whether it’s your senior family member with mobility concerns or a toddler who has just started walking, it’s good to be prepared to look after them as best you can!

To make your home as safe and comfortable as possible, stock up on any medical supplies they might need. Some useful supplies include:

First Aid Kit

Check your home’s first aid kit to ensure its fully stocked with all the essentials. You can make your kit as specialized as you want, but most families settle on the following:

  • Bandages
  • Burn gel
  • Iodine pads
  • CPR masks
  • Tourniquets
  • An instant cold pack

Medical Thermometer

It’s always best to catch colds and the flu as early as possible. One of the best ways to tell if someone is ill is by taking their temperature. An accurate thermometer tells you if you’ve developed a fever–a symptom of infection!

Alcohol Pads

Alcohol pads are essential medical supplies for cleaning up wounds or for cleaning injection sites if a loved one requires frequent injections. The alcohol cleans and prepares the skin for injections and protects against infection.

The Best Medical Supply Store Around!

At Affordable Medical Supply, we believe everyone should get the chance to spend the holidays with the people they love. We pride ourselves on providing quality rental equipment and medical supplies to ensure your loved ones are safe and mobile this holiday season.

If you have any questions about our stock or rental service, reach out at 866-484-7599 today.

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