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Pay it Forward

Acts of Kindness Impact our Community

pay it forward

The concept is simple.
In this world of uncertainty and economic hardship,
How can an ordinary person,
You or Me, make a positive difference?

Although the concept might seem simple…
the outcome of your gift, will drastically change our community.

Today, there are many people in our community who are in need of equipment.
You, can do something to help.
Call us with your slightly used or unused Medical Equipment,
Medical Supplies, Mobility or Incontinence Products.

Affordable Medical will pick up your donation, clean and sanitize the equipment, and call a local non-profit for them to gift one of their families in need. We then, deliver and set it up in their families home.
That is how one person(you), and one person (me), can make a huge change for others.

Pay It Forward from You…to Them.
And Thank You … for Helping Us Make a Change!

Your charitable act helps our community in a very needed and positive way.  Many families in our immediate area need medical equipment, medical supplies, and/or incontinence products but have no insurance or financial means to pay for them.  If you want to put your unused equipment and products to a great use, and Pay it Forward. Our Program has helped the frail and elderly for over 10 years

Help a family today and make a positive change….and simply Pay it Forward

Due to compliance, please do not drop off items unannounced to the store.
Please, Call us so we can make arrangements with you.