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Hospital Beds

Hospital Beds and Mattress Systems can be configured for each individual needs. User comfort and functionality is most important and we can assist you in choosing the product to best suit the user and caregiver s needs. Items to consider when choosing your Hospital Bed is the type of mattress and/or support surfaces as well as hospital bed accessories like bedside tables and safety rails.

Semi Electric Hospital Beds
These types of beds have motors and a hand pendant for controlling the head and foot of the bed only. The bed height is adjusted by using a hand-crank. The bed height is usually set to a good height for the patient and left at that position.

Semi Electric Hospital Beds are usually covered by all insurance companies if your condition meets their guidelines. Our bed packages include the inner-spring mattress as well as full rails.

Upgrades to a Full Electric Bed
Full Electric Beds are not fully covered by most insurances, however, you may want to personally upgrade your Hospital Bed to a Full Electric Bed and pay for the difference in cost. Please ask us for more information and we can assist you in selecting the bed most suited for your needs.

Note: If you live in an Assisted Living Facility, it is Florida State Law that you only use Half Rails on your hospital beds unless you are a Hospice Patient.

Full Electric Hospital Beds
A Full electric Hospital bed has a controller that fully adjusts the Head, Foot and Height of the bed via the controller. This type of bed is easier for the caregiver because it’s easily raised so the caregiver doesn’t have to bend so far. Although this bed is easier for the user and caregiver, it is most always not fully covered by most insurances. Most Insurances only cover a Semi-Electric Bed. You can Upgrade your Hospital Bed to a Full Electric by personally paying the difference. For the few dollars more you’ll spend for a Full-Electric Hospital Bed versus Semi-Electric, your investment will pay off in the long run should you ever decide to sell it. These beds also come in a Low Bed Model which makes a difference for safety in cases where Dementia and Alzheimers and other conditions where the person try’s to get out of bed without the aid of a caregiver. Call June McCarthy for a consultation to to discuss fitting the bed to your needs.

Why a full-electric?
The convenience for both the caretaker and the patient makes the price difference insignificant.

  • Make life easier for the caretaker – the full-electric bed is easily raised electrically so the caretaker does not need to bend so far over.
  • Easier for patient to get into or out of bed by using simple hand pendant control.
  • Patient may want the bed low to the ground while sleeping, and higher for getting up and out of the bed.

Homecare Adjustable Beds
Not everyone wants the appearance of a hospital bed. These Adjustable Beds ca be packaged with an array of mattress types. Homecare and Hospital Beds are available in Twin-Size only. Should you want a larger bed we suggest an Adjustable Bed Base with the appropriate mattress type.

Note: Your insurance company may not cover this item for reimbursement. Most all Homecare beds are privately paid.