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Lift Chairs

Lift Chairs are recliners with electric motors for lifting the patient into a standing position. Lift chairs will sit you down, recline just like a Lazy-Boy, but a Lift Chair lifts you back to the standing position. All positions are controlled by electric motors and the hand (pendant) control. Lift Chairs are the perfect solution for people who have difficulty getting into or up from a regular chair by themselves.

Arthritis patients benefit from the use of a Lift Chair, particularly Arthritis of the hip or knees. Choose the Lift function, and the quiet, powerful motor gently lifts the entire chair up and forward, lifting you into a standing position.  Sitting down is easy, just back-up to the chair and let the chair do the work.  The power recline function reclines at the touch of a button and can be stopped in any position.

Choose between 2-Position, 3-Position and Infinite-Positioning Lift Chairs. For more information on the 3 types of chairs available see lift chair description.

Lift Chairs:

Explanation of 2-position, 3-position and Infinite positioning Lift Chairs.

Lift chair positions explained:

All lift chairs will lift the user to the standing position.  2-Position does not mean there are only 2 positions just as 3-Position does not mean there are only 3-positions. The chair recline can be stopped in any position by releasing the control button.

The difference between 2-Way, 3-Way and Infinite position lift chairs is in the recline mechanism.


2-Position Lift Chair

2-Position Lift Chair:

The 2-Way Lift Chair does recline a few inches and the seat raises slightly in the front as the Ottoman rises. During this process the seat of the chair actually slides rearward as to extend the stretched-out position. This position is where you would normally position a “Lazy-Boy” recliner if you are watching TV. Most 2-Way Lift Chairs have a gap between the seat and the ottoman. The 2-Way Lift Chair has a single motor that runs the back recline and ottoman.  A single toggle switch on the hand pendant controls everything. The Golden Capri Lift Chair and the Pride C-10 Lift Chair are typical 2-Position lift chairs.


3-Position Lift Chair

3-Position Lift Chair:

The 3-Way Lift Chair reclines just like a Lazy-Boy recliner, and actually reclines further than most Lazy-Boys.  As the back reclines the ottoman rises. The chair may be stopped in any position.  Most of the 3 position lift chairs are full chaise loungers, no gap between ottoman and seat.  Standard 3-Way Lift Chairs have a single motor that runs the back recline and ottoman.  A single toggle switch on the hand pendant controls everything.  Heavy-Duty 3-Way Lift Chairs may employ double motors for extra lifting power. The Golden PR-502 Big Boy has 3-motors and can lift up to 700-lbs.


Infinite Position Lift Chair

Infinite Position Lift Chair:

Infinite position lift Chairs such as the Pride LL-670 and the Golden Maxi-Comfort series are capable of reclining the back parallel to the floor (flat) and allow the ottoman to raise the feet above the heart or move to a zero-gravity position.  The seat positions so that the body experiences a relaxed “S” position. These higher-end chairs are full-chaise loungers with padding from the seat all the way across the ottoman, no gaps, all padded. The most recent innovation in Infinite Position Lift Chairs is the Pride SL-6 Lift Chair

Ottoman (Legrest):

Ottomans are also referred to as Legrest and Chaise.  This Legrest may move up all the way against the seat so that there is no gap or may have a 3″-4″ gap depending on the chair.  In general, the lesser price chairs have the gap. Deluxe or Elegance Collection Lift Chairs do not have a gap. The Pride GL-358 Lift Chair series has recently been upgraded to a full chaise lounge, no gap.

  • The 2-way lift chair pictured above has the gap between ottoman and seat.
  • The 3-way chair pictured above does not have a gap.
  • Infinite Position Lift Chairs do not have a gap. Most 3-Way


Lift Chair Accessories

Lift Chair Accessories:

Several accessories for lift chairs including Heat and Massage are available.  The Lumbar and Head Pillow pictured (left) are useful positioning devices, obviously not for everyone.  The hand control (Pendant) comes on the right side, but may be ordered for the left side of the lift chair. Adding Heat & Massage or a left-handed control usually means a 3-week lead time.

Want to continue learning about lift chairs?  Call us and see how we can help you!

Button-backs, split-backs, waterfall-backs, from Petite to Big- Boy, in Vinyl , Leather or soft fabric. And then there are 2-way, 3-way, Infinite positioning.

Savings? You can expect to save 25% or better off store prices, look for additional discounts or coupons on our lift chair pages. Shipping is free, most chairs delivered 7-10 days, factory customs with fabric upgrades or Heat & Massage, can take up to 3 weeks.