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Protect Your Heart Health With Reliable Blood Pressure Monitors

blood pressure machine

Hypertension, often referred to as the silent killer, has significant negative effects on all major organs, including the heart. Persistently high blood pressure causes the heart to have to work much harder, leading to various complications to the heart muscle and your overall health.

Regular monitoring of your blood pressure is crucial, as it allows individuals and health care professionals to assess the condition and make necessary medical decisions to maintain optimum heart health. It also helps decrease the risk of other complications related to hypertension.

One of the ways of monitoring your blood pressure is by purchasing a portable blood pressure machine.

What To Look For When Choosing A BP Monitor

There are many versions of monitors available, so it’s important to know what features you will require before making a choice. Some aspects to consider are:

  • The cuff size
  • Ease of use
  • Extra features

The Cuff Size

To obtain an accurate blood pressure reading, the cuff needs to be the right size. BP monitors usually come in two sizes for use on the upper arm. If the cuff is to be placed on the wrist, then there are two sizes for wrist usage. Wrist cuffs are often not part of the kit but can usually be purchased separately.

Ease Of Use

The machine must be user-friendly. The blood pressure machine should come with clear instructions, have large and intuitive buttons, and an easy-to-read display monitor.

Extra Features

BP monitors come in various forms and have numerous features. For optimal use, It is important to know which features you need when purchasing a machine. Extra features you may want include:

Large Digit Display

This is a particularly useful feature, especially for people with diminished eyesight. Some monitors have a few different sizes of displays to choose from.


The backlight feature is very useful as it ensures the digits are identifiable, even in poor lighting. Some models allow you to switch off the backlight feature for battery-saving purposes.

Memory Storage

Some monitors can store previous readings. This is a useful feature for those who are in the process of trying out new medication or whose blood pressure needs to be monitored regularly for medical reasons. The number of readings stored varies according to the make and model of the machine.

Download/WiFi Technology

The newer BP models have a download/WiFi feature where the readings can be shared with the people monitoring your blood pressure. This allows your doctor to have an accurate picture of your condition at all times.

The Effects Of High Blood Pressure On The Body

Hypertension, although very dangerous, is often asymptomatic. People who have a higher risk of developing hypertension have the following risk factors:

  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • A family history of hypertension.

Persistent high blood pressure can harm the body, particularly the heart, brain, kidneys, arteries, and eyes. Here are some of the effects:

The Heart

High blood pressure causes an increased resistance in the blood vessels. To pump blood against the increased resistance, the heart must work harder. Over time, this will cause thickening and enlargement of the heart muscle, increasing the risk of developing coronary artery disease and abnormal heart rhythms.

The Arteries

Persistent high blood pressure damages the inner lining of the arteries, which leads to the formation of plaque. A plaque build-up narrows and hardens the arteries (arteriosclerosis) and limits blood flow to vital organs, arms, and legs.

The Brain

Uncontrolled high blood pressure can significantly raise the risk of having a stroke. The weakened and narrow blood vessels in the brain make them more susceptible to blockage (resulting in an ischemic stroke) or rupture (resulting in a hemorrhagic stroke). Both types of strokes can cause brain damage and have long-term neurological effects.

The Kidneys

Kidneys play a crucial role in blood pressure regulation. If small blood vessels in the kidneys are damaged by persistent high blood pressure, the kidneys cannot adequately filter waste and excess from the body. Untreated, this can lead to chronic kidney disease or complete renal failure.

The Eyes

Small blood vessels in the eyes are also affected by high blood pressure. Chronic hypertension can cause damage to the retina, bleeding in the eye, and reduced or complete loss of vision.

Affordable Medical Supply, South Florida’s Trusted Medical Supply Provider

By choosing to protect your heart health with a blood pressure machine, you are playing an active role in managing your blood pressure and the cardiac risks associated with hypertension.

Affordable Medical Supply is an authorized dealer for multiple medical supply distributors. We are committed to providing consistent and reliable service, innovative solutions, and superior equipment.

Needing to purchase a blood pressure machine but feeling overwhelmed by all the choices? We are here to help – call us today at 866 484 7599.

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