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The Benefits of Lift Chairs

lift chairs

The more we age, the more chance of us getting arthritis, a disease or condition, or other medical reasons why it makes it more difficult to do daily activities. One simple activity that most of us could easily do now becomes a challenge on an everyday basis. That challenge is the simple task of getting up and down from a sitting position. It is difficult to get those hips above the knees, so we can stand up. Lift chairs are just part of a range of equipment designed to help you with standing so you can remain independent.

Who Needs A Lift Chair?

There are a variety of reasons why you would consider a lift chair in your home. The ability to remain independent is an important aspect of each one’s quality of life. There are wide ranges of illnesses, diseases, and disorders that may render people’s ability to be able to stand up from a seated position. This is where the benefits of a lift chair come in. Aging people often need assistance to stand up from a seated position. To name a few would be; arthritis of the hips, knees, or even shoulders to help you when standing. Others may have to do with circulation problems, back pain that hinders your movement and as we age, it can simply be weakness. Patients that may be going through recovery from an illness or an operation might also temporarily need assistance from a seated position.

What Can A Lift Chair Do?

Lift Chairs provide a stable way to help you get up and down after resting in your chair. It also saves on the pulling of your body by an aide or family member when helping you to stand. The lift chair has a remote that can lay the chair down for you to sleep, read the paper, or relax. It also has a button that raises the back of the chair so it raises the hips over the knees to an almost standing position. Now that you are almost standing, you just straighten your back and you are ready to walk. Without a lift chair, people who are dependent most often have to rely on others, and wait until they can be assisted.

benefits of lift chairs

What are the Benefits of a Lift Chair?

Lift chairs provide many health benefits to both yourself as well as a caregiver. Transfers become one of the most cumbersome and most difficult activities since many times the caregiver has to lean over and tug on the patient to help them into a standing position or transfer to a wheelchair. A lift chair reduces the risk of injury for you and the caregiver.

Having a lift chair can also increase a patient’s mental wellbeing (as the person feels independent) and increase their mobility. Correct posture is also encouraged through the multiple seat positions that are offered.

They are adjustable and can be reset to the original position at the push of a button. Lift chairs offer lifting and reclining positions as well as heat and massage for those that want that option. Reclining positions also reduce an excess build-up of fluid in the legs, and many offer Trendelenburg because elevating the legs improves circulation.


  • Injury reduction
  • Providing a feeling of independence
  • Elevating the legs to reduce swelling
  • Easy for transfers to stand or transfer to wheelchairs

Studies have even shown that lift chairs, while assisting in movement, can maintain muscle tone, due to the reduction of lower skeletal joint fatigue and degeneration. Research has also shown that they can reduce pain and increase comfort. The most significant benefit of a lift chair is that it can reduce the risk of injury, as the person can stand on their own, or able to attempt to transfer to a standing position with support.

At Affordable Medical Supply, we offer:

  • Two Position Lift Chairs
  • Three Position Lift Chairs
  • Infinite Position Lift Chairs
  • Heavy Duty / Bariatric Lift Chairs
  • Lift Seats / Portable

Affordable Medical Supply always provides equipment education, delivery inside your home, and set-up as part of our standard care.

Our Equipment Education webpage shows the differences between two-position, three-position, and infinite position lift chairs. If you are looking for a lift chair, contact us today we have over 41 years of experience and are HQAA accredited.

Affordable Medical Supply – Call us today and experience a Higher Level of Care.

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