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10 Health Benefits Of Adjustable Beds

adjustable beds

People often make the mistake when purchasing a bed, that “one size fits all,” yet nothing is further from the truth. There are many factors to consider when choosing any bed, adjustable beds included. 

These factors include things like:

  • Different sleeping styles
  • Age and mobility
  • A person’s height and weight
  • Illness and comorbidities, especially respiratory or circulatory conditions

If you consider that the average person spends one-third of their life on a bed, you cannot afford to skimp on bed comfort or quality. Sleeping on an inferior quality, or uncomfortable bed can also be detrimental to your health. That is why more and more people are choosing beds that suit their individual needs and are purchasing adjustable beds.

Do you still need a reason to consider an adjustable bed? How about 10?

1. Breathing

An adjustable bed gives you the ability to decide how upright you want to be while sleeping. Elevating the top half of the body assists airflow and prevents the internal organs from compressing the lungs.

This is beneficial to:

  • Asthmatics
  • People suffering from sleep apnea
  • People who snore
  • People who have a head cold

2. Circulation

By adjusting the bed to relieve pressure points in certain areas, you allow the blood to flow freely, increasing circulation to those areas. This is very beneficial to patients who have a healing wound or are recovering from surgery.

3. Digestion

Studies have shown that sleeping with your upper body slightly upright, significantly improves digestion.

  • Eating a large meal at night, or before going to bed, can often leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Sleeping with the upper half of your body slightly elevated discourages the formation/entrapment of gas. This greatly increases comfort, allowing you to get a better night’s sleep.
  • People who suffer from heartburn or indigestion also report reduced acid reflux and agree that it is more comfortable to sleep with the top half of their body slightly elevated.

4. Swollen Legs and Feet

Certain medical conditions result in swollen, painful feet. Most people who suffer from swollen feet, often report the condition is worse when they wake up in the morning after lying flat.

Being able to adjust the bed so that they sleep with the legs slightly elevated, increases the blood flow back to the heart. This reduces the risk of blood pooling that manifests as swollen legs/feet.

Medical conditions where raising the foot of the bed is beneficial include:

  • Patients with renal problems, especially those receiving renal dialysis
  • People with cardiac conditions
  • Patients suffering from deep vein thrombosis
  • Patients suffering from varicose veins
  • Pregnant women

5. Headaches and Stiff Neck Muscles

Sleeping with the incorrect or wrong number of pillows puts unnecessary strain on the muscles in the shoulders and neck. People who wake up with headaches, or sore and stiff necks, can benefit greatly from an adjustable bed.

Adjusting the top of the bed, aligns the spine and neck, resulting in less strain on the muscles. Achieving a proper spine and neck alignment is not usually possible using only pillows.

6. Backache

Normal beds do not usually provide proper spine support. Spines that are not supported adequately during the night, often present as stiff muscles and various degrees of backache.

Adjustable beds can be adjusted to conform with the curvature of the spine, relieving the pressure on the head and lower back. A back that is supported properly while you sleep significantly reduces the risk of chronic backache issues.

7. Independence

The young, fit and healthy adult population tends to underestimate the value of being independent. Often the elderly, injured, people dealing with arthritis pain, or stroke survivors, find it very difficult to maneuver themselves in and out of bed. Being able to adjust the bed to their comfort and ability, gives them the freedom to get in and out of your bed without requiring assistance.

8. Relieves Pain

Whether a person suffers from a painful medical condition like arthritis, is injured, or recovering from surgery, being able to adjust the bed to relieve their pain is life changing.

Being pain-free encourages slow steady breathing. This in turn increases the oxygen supply to the affected area and promotes healing. Being pain-free also keeps the blood pressure from spiking, thereby reducing the risk of post-operative bleeding.

9. Insomnia

Studies prove that most insomniacs cannot sleep because they are uncomfortable. Being able to adjust the bed so that you feel physically comfortable, greatly increases the chance of getting a good night’s sleep.

10. Getting Comfortable Before Falling Asleep

A lot of people have a nighttime routine that involves reading or watching a movie on their devices. This helps them unwind and relax before turning in to sleep.

An adjustable bed will ensure that they are as comfortable as possible during this relaxing time, that flows straight into a comfortable, fulfilling sleep.

Affordable Medical Supply Can Help You Choose The Right Adjustable Bed For Your Needs

One of the number one calls we receive at Affordable Medical Supply is people asking if we will buy their current adjustable bed for various reasons, including things like the bed is too high or it’s too hard to sit. Most places will buy back the mattress, but sadly, once you’ve purchased the base, you’re stuck with what you’ve got. Save yourself the headache and get the right bed from the right store the first time around. 

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