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Home Care Solutions for the New Year

Home Care Solutions

Seniors can sometimes have a hard time with New Year’s Eve, a holiday that’s known for loud sounds, big parties, and staying up late. If you want to include your grandma in the holiday festivities, here are some ways you can bring the fun to them. The following home care solutions for the new year are recommended by the knowledgeable staff at Affordable Medical Supply:

Watch A Favorite Film

Ask your relative which movies are their favorites. Pop some popcorn or prepare another favorite snack and ring in the new year with a timeless story — plus spend some quality time together.

Change The Countdown Time

Many senior folks struggle to stay up late. You can still ring in the new year at midnight, but if you’re including an older relative for some of the fun, you may want to consider adding an additional countdown at an earlier hour. This way, your relatives don’t have to disrupt their usual routine and won’t miss any festivities. You can also record the ball drop-in Times Square to play for them the next day — or replay last year’s just before they head to bed.

Be Sensitive to Dietary Needs

The holiday season is often a “cheat time” for people, but some don’t have that option. Senior adults are more likely to have diabetes, blood pressure issues, and other conditions that make eggnog, pudding, cake, or cookies potentially dangerous. Not only that, but many senior adults also take medication that can’t be mixed with alcohol, so be sure to offer something besides champagne to toast with.

Skip The Noisemakers

Loud noises can be stressful for older adults — especially war veterans or those with dementia. Save the fireworks, confetti poppers, party horns, and loud music for a separate event.

Discuss Home Care Solutions for Next Year

Time spent during the holiday season may be a good time to bring up home health care solutions for the following year. Any relative over the age of 65 qualifies as a “senior,” and is at the stage of life when they are considering retirement. For some, that may include downsizing their home and developing the need for regular ongoing healthcare.

Home health care solutions encompass many different things. It could include daily medications, exercises or physical therapies to keep up strength, or having an aide come help with some tasks. Ask your loved one about any concerns they might have about healthcare, and their ability to continue caring for themselves. It’s best to have a plan made in advance, before you actually need it, then to scramble for a solution in the midst of an emergency.

The prospect of ongoing healthcare can be overwhelming, so make sure to use extra time this holiday season to discuss home care solutions with the aging adults in your life.

Home Care Solutions in South Florida

For nearly 40 years, Affordable Medical Supply has been providing solutions for seniors and their families in the South Florida area. We are also proud to be known as one of the longest-running hospice providers in Broward County.

Your relative’s health and wellbeing are as important to us as they are to you. Our compassionate staff is sensitive to the balance of maintaining regular care and assistance while still respecting the need for independence. Home care solutions don’t have to be scary or challenging. Call us today at 954-484-7599 to learn more and discuss the options available to you. We offer a variety of medical supplies and supply rentals, from medical equipment to personal care items, mobility aids, and more.

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