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Tips For Long-Distance Caregivers


With the demands of working full time and being separated by Covid-19, being a long-distance caregiver is more challenging than ever before. But with a little bit of effort and strategy, caregivers can fulfill this role for an aging relative in the following ways:

Plan Regular Visits as You Are Able

Understandably, the Delta variant of Covid-19 may intervene with some of these plans. The elderly are a particularly vulnerable group. But depending on the infection rate in your loved one’s area, tentatively plan some visits in the future. Check-in with your relative’s primary caregiver to learn more about their condition and needs. Perhaps there are some personal responsibilities you may be asked to handle, such as matters of estate.

Other requests may be simpler, such as taking your relative shopping for some essentials. Perhaps they’ll want to visit other friends outside their care facility. Write down the priorities and goals you have for this visit and communicate them with your relative to make the visit as productive and meaningful as possible.

Keep In Touch 

In between in-person visits, take advantage of technological means to communicate, such as phone or Zoom. Schedule a conference call with your relative and their doctor to keep up to date on their condition and progress. Sometimes social workers get involved when it comes to making decisions about their medical care. If you have other relatives in the area, you may want to keep in touch with them for realistic and up-to-date information.

Your relatives may also appreciate receiving regular text messages, emails, or handwritten cards containing pictures of your family, pets, and updates about your daily life. Don’t forget to ask how they’re doing as well.

Help Organize Legal Paperwork 

Taking care of legal work pertaining to property and possessions can be challenging and tedious for anyone. It’s especially difficult for someone who may be losing their mental faculties. Helping your relatives get their affairs in order could be a big help if they are unable to do it themselves.

As you start this process, focus on essential details first, such as a home, antiques, or other valuables. Talk to your relatives and their primary caregivers to make sure you aren’t missing any critical information or documents. Make sure that life insurance policies and wills are up to date and in proper order. You may also want to inquire about your loved one’s power of attorney, in the event that any medical decisions need to be made.

As you gather this personal information, be sure to explain that this isn’t to invade their privacy; you are trying to get all the information needed to make the best decision in the event of an emergency. You want to ensure that their wishes are honored with regard to their possessions and personal autonomy. Get all wishes in writing if you can.

Helpful Caregivers and More in South Florida

We at Affordable Medical Supply are committed to providing dependable solutions for families affected by medical difficulties. We understand that decisions about where to live, where to go for help, and how to acquire medical equipment can be challenging. Our compassionate staff is here to help meet your needs with the right products, medications, and other necessary equipment such as scooters, home lifting systems, and more. Whether your loved one needs help preparing for hurricane season or moving into assisted living, we are equipped to handle any crisis situation affecting your family. We also offer private consulting and other needed services. For questions, references, or other concerns, call us today at 954-484-7599.

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