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Reasons To Consider A Shower Chair

shower chair

The shower is dangerous if you are not able to stand on your own. Fortunately, getting a shower chair reduces your risk of injury. If you are having trouble standing in the shower safely, here are several reasons to consider a shower chair.

Shower Chairs Make Showering Safer

Shower chairs in the bathroom help your stability when taking a shower. This is not always an easy task, especially if you have a disability. If you are wheelchair-bound, for example, standing up straight in the shower may be impossible. Many people with certain disabilities have trouble standing up straight due to chronic pain or lack of mobility.

Shower chairs provide stability so that you don’t fall while showering. A shower chair will keep you balanced and give you a sense of security while in the bathroom.

They Make Relaxing Easier

Doing your bathroom routine should be a relaxing experience. After a busy day, having a long hot shower is a good way to unwind. However, many people find that relaxing in the shower is difficult because they lack the balance or strength to stand up straight in the shower. Using one of these chairs, you can sit down and shave your legs or wash your hair with comfort and ease.

Shower Chairs Make Needing Help Less Likely

A lot of people who are in a wheelchair need help from someone else to shower. Someone may have to take the wheelchair out of the bathroom or move it into another room so that the person can stand up straight. For these people, an accessible shower chair is a definite lifesaver. Using a shower chair makes it easy to get in and out of the shower.

They Save Time

If you have limited mobility, getting in and out of the shower is not easy. Some people can barely move from bed to chair or from chair to bathroom. Even if you can walk, it may be a challenge to get your body over the edge of the tub. Using one of these chairs makes it much easier for you to take a shower because it enables you to sit comfortably while you wash yourself. If you need some help standing in the shower, then it’s easier for someone else to give that help.

They Keep Bath Items Off of the Floor

If you have a shower chair, then you don’t need to worry about cleaning up the items from your bath. Shampoo and conditioner are slippery liquids, so they can slip all over the floor and make a huge mess if they are not put on a soap dish or kept in a cup. A shower chair keeps these items where you can easily reach them.

They Save Money

Using a shower chair will save you money that would be spent on cleaning products and replacing shampoo and conditioner. The shower chair is a cost-effective alternative to having someone else stand in the shower with you. There are many types of shower chairs, which makes them versatile and convenient.

Shower Chairs Make Taking a Shower Easier

These chairs are also great because they make taking a shower more enjoyable. You can sit down while you bathe, making it easier to clean different parts of your body. You are less likely to fall over as well since you won’t have to bed over as far to reach things.

Find the Right Shower Chair for You

A shower chair can make a big difference in your personal hygiene and safety. Finding the right shower chair for you does not have to be complicated. Affordable Medical Supply can help. We get medical equipment into the hands of people that need it, and without costing too much. Interested in increasing your bathroom mobility? Contact Affordable Medical Supply today at 954-484-7599. Our home health experts will help you find the best shower chair for your home!

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