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Benefits Of Using A Lift Chair For Elderly Or Mobility-Challenged Individuals

lift chairs

Lift chairs offer comfort and relaxation and are the perfect solution for mobility-challenged individuals and injury recovery. They appear like regular recliners and provide hours of comfort while you watch your favorite television show or flip the pages of a book. However, they include a range of features that make it easy to stand up and get out of the chair, including a motorized lift that tilts the chair forward to assist with standing.

Whether you’re enjoying retirement, struggling with mobility, or recovering from surgery, a quality lift chair makes it easy to transition from a seated to a standing position.

Stay with us as we explore the many benefits of a lift chair.

Reduce Strain

Getting in and out of a seated position can be intimidating for people with reduced mobility. Rather than endure the effort of changing positions and risk falling, lift chairs reduce the strain by transitioning the angle of the seat.

The powerful motors change the angle of the seat and make it easy to sit down and recline or stand up without adding any strain on muscles or joints.

Promote Circulation

Swollen legs and feet are caused by poor body circulation, which further limits mobility and increases discomfort. Lift chairs offer a footrest extension that allows you to lie back and relax. By lifting your legs and feet, body circulation is redirected to improve blood flow.

Ideally, the lift chair should elevate your feet above heart level, making your legs feel lighter and more relaxed. As circulation improves, the day’s built-up pressure begins to subside, swelling reduces, and pressure lowers.

Maintain Independence

Lift chairs empower you to stand up out of your seat on your own. The tilt allows you to rise steadily on your feet without calling anyone to help. Rather than rely on a caregiver or family member, lift chairs allow you to move independently.

By maintaining your independence, you preserve your sense of purpose and reduce the risk of developing anxiety or depression. Standing up or sitting down may be a small act, but it has great potential to provide a sense of achievement.

Reduce Injury Risk

On the one hand, the lift chair provides the seated individual full support to get up and down independently without falling or causing strain. On the other hand, caregivers avoid putting themselves in difficult positions to help with the transition, which can also cause strain and injury.

By offering convenience and comfort, lift chairs make it easier for you to stand up and sit down with a reduced risk of injury. It also alleviates the pressure on caregivers who usually assist with the process, removing the risk of injury.

Ergonomic Features Aid Recovery

Getting out of a chair can be challenging and even dangerous after surgery or injury. A lift chair helps with recovery by reducing the strain on your body as you stand up from your chair, allowing you to heal faster. Some lift chairs even offer features such as heating pads for added recovery!

Lift chairs boast ergonomic features that offer full spine support in various positions. For example, laying back in a recliner takes the pressure off your back muscles, elevating your feet improves blood flow, and sleeping in an upright position helps with breathing (and decreases stomach acid reflux).

Support Posture

Lift chairs with reclining features are gentle on your body and joints, offering posture support. The functionality and design help to maintain muscle tone by reducing skeletal joint fatigue and degeneration.

High-quality lift chairs are durable and comfortable, offering additional features to optimize relaxation. For example, Pride Mobility offer a range of lift chairs that include wireless phone chargers, stow-away cupholders, power lumbar, and footrest extensions, among other features.

A Mobility Chair To Meet Your Needs

Lift chairs offer a range of benefits for elderly or mobility-challenged individuals, boosting your confidence with a reduced risk of injury.

At Affordable Medical Supply, we offer a range of quality Pride Mobility lift chairs that are available in a range of different sizes. Our team is committed to providing outcome-focused, customer-driven solutions that meet your needs.

If you’re looking for a quality mobility chair, we’d love to hear from you. Give us a call at 866-484-7599 to find out more.

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