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Incontinence Supplies: Which Products Do I Buy?

Incontinence Supplies

There are many things you need to keep in mind when shopping for incontinence supplies, but unfortunately most people don’t understand why it’s so important. You need to take into consideration a variety of things when making a decision on incontinence supplies for a loved one. It’s also very important to take note of their specific needs, time of day, and their mobility situation.

Understanding Incontinence

Incontinence is the lack of control over bowel or urinary movement. The most important factor above all else, in skin integrity when incontinence occurs. Urine and Bowel contain high amounts of acid from the body and can easily break down the skin to cause redness and sores which are called decubitus. When making decisions for products to use, it is always best to speak to a professional who has experience and knowledge of the products absorption, overnight capabilities, and understanding of diseases and conditions that are more applicable to skin breakdown.

Skin Protection Should be a Priority

Protecting the skin means choosing a product that will actually go into the pores of the skin in the perineal areas so that it stays on until the product is changed. Products such as Calmoseptine, Lantiseptic, and other like products are most recommended. These products stay in place and do not come off after the first void. Products that are purely petroleum based, sit on top of the skin therefore rubbing onto the diaper or pull up causing a petroleum barrier that will stop absorption. The Affordable Medical Supply Team are very education on all the products and have spent years testing and listening to testimonials. Call us with your questions.

Different Types of Incontinence Supplies

Depending on the needs of the individual you will need to get different incontinence supplies specifically suited to their requirements. You cannot attempt to make use of a one size fits all solution.

  • Pads and Guards

    Protective pads or Male Guards are most normally the first products needed in incontinence care. The pads and shields all have a plastic, non-flow through seal so that you can place them in your basic underwear and will not be embarrassed should an accident occur when leaking. These pads and shields come in all widths, lengths, absorbencies, thickness and some have odor control features. Do not place these pads inside of a pull up. Since they have a plastic backing, once that pad is filled, the liquid will not absorb and go out the leg causing leaking. You then have wasted your pull up or diaper. Read on.

  • Disposable Underwear/Pull Ups

    Pull Ups or Disposable Underwear are most often the second step in incontinence care. There are many cognitive issues facing those that will be moving into an incontinence product. Dignity plays such a large role and this product allows the user to feel more confident when in public, but also they feel more like they are wearing their underwear as usual. These products inly have the most absorbent polymer in the center of the crotch area which is why they are best during the day when sitting, standing, or have a caregiver to help them change the product if necessary. There are overnight pull ups which can help with the cognitive issues they face, but it is best to call or come in for a demonstration to see how we can help in some of the worst situations.

  • Briefs/Diapers

    This is usually the third step in incontinence care. Of course, there are certain parameters where this rule of thumb would not apply. These products are also called Diapers and have the adhesive or Velcro tabs on the side for easy fastening. Briefs are far more absorbent than pull ups or disposable underwear. Some of these products are so good that they have scientific white papers to show they can stop UTI and other breakdown issues that occur. Many of the problems occur in an overnight situation. The caregiver needs their sleep as well as the patient. Choosing the right product for overnight is important. We can stop the leakage and promote healthier skin.

Specialty products for Overnight Care

When it comes to Overnight Care, this is the one area where most families, caregivers and nurses know have the most extreme problems and issues. One reason is that the caregiver also needs their sleep, and waking a person overnight and get them to help cooperate which a change takes up valuable sleeping time. Also due to the length of time before a change, this is the main time when redness, sores and decubitus can appear. There are special products that can help alleviate the leaking and the frequent changes and still help keep the skin from breakdown. This is an important reason why you should visit a professional to help you get the right fit, the right product and the education to help your loved one stay free from skin breakdown.

To get help in picking the correct incontinence supplies for your loved one, contact the team at Affordable Medical Supply. We are ready to demonstrate the products, their capabilities, their differences and how you can best protect your loved one. Save yourself time and money, visit the professionals at Affordable Medical today. 954-484-7599.

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