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8 Benefits Of Installing A Stairlift Chair In Your Home

stairlift chair

If you or a loved one are struggling with limited mobility, then a stairlift chair is an excellent addition to the home. There are various reasons that mobility may be limited, from injuries and operation recovery to periods to aching joints.

Stairlift chairs make it easier to move up and down the stairs, especially when downsizing to a single-level home isn’t an option.

Consider the following benefits of installing a stairlift chair in your home.

1. No Need to Relocate

Without help from a loved one or caregiver, many people choose to move to an assisted living facility when climbing the stairs becomes too much to handle. With a stairlift, there’s no need to relocate, instead, you’re able to move between the various levels of the home without a struggle.

2. Improved Safety in the Home

Did you know that more than one million Americans of all ages and abilities injure themselves on stairs each year? Stairs can be a hazard under normal circumstances, and reduced mobility increases the risk of injury. Stairlifts help people move up and down the stairs without obstruction or difficulty. Added security features such as footrest, armrest, and safety buckles add to the safety and confidence of use.

3. Added Comfort

Moving on a stairlift doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience. Many of them have padded seats, with armrests and footrests which are padded and adjustable.

4. Easy to Use

Unlike various medical equipment which can be tricky to operate, the stairlift chair is easy to install and simple to use. In most instances, you simply need to sit on the seat, strap in the seatbelt and control the switch.

5. Affordable Solution

A stair lift chair is an affordable solution for moving up and down the levels of a home, especially when compared to other options. Alternatives include selling the home, moving into an assisted living facility or hiring a caregiver. The cost of installing a stairlift chair is significantly less and can save a lot of money in the long run, especially in temporary situations.

6. Restore Independence

Struggling with mobility can be frustrating and demotivating. A stair lift chair restores a sense of independence and boosts confidence in the process. When living in a multi-level home where all levels are used on a regular basis, the freedom of movement is even more appreciated.

7. Short Term Solution for an Injury

In many instances, a stairlift chair will be installed in the home as a long-term solution for improving movement, especially as agility deteriorates in later years. However, a stairlift chair is equally as effective for a short-term solution while recovering from a lower-body injury.

8. Applicable Both Indoors and Outdoors

A stair lift chair is versatile in function, with the option to be installed indoors and outdoors.

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