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Mobility Solutions For Traveling Seniors

mobility solutions

They say that age is just a number, and we couldn’t agree more!

During your adult years, time is spent looking after children, working a full-time job, and managing social commitments. After retirement, life becomes more flexible, and there is more time to travel, relax and tick off your bucket list.

However, limited mobility can sometimes present a challengeThankfully, various mobility solutions help make traveling easy and stress-free.

Mobility Solutions for Traveling Seniors

There are several mobility solutions available to help make traveling easier, increasing freedom of movement and boosting independence.


The Zoomer is easy to control and fun to drive, helping to increase mobility for anyone restricted to a sitting position. The nifty device is easy to take almost anywhere. It has a simple joystick steering that is easy to learn and it comfortably fits under tables and desks. There’s no adjustment needed, and you don’t need to change seats. Whether you’re moving around in a museum or along a path in the park, the Zoomer works beautifully both indoors and outdoors.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the Zoomer is its portability, allowing you to take it with you on your next vacation. It can fold flat in seconds, and its lightweight structure makes it easy to transport.

Walking Sticks

Walking sticks are timeless solutions for assisting travel. As years have passed, the traditional wooden walking stick has evolved to be lightweight, foldable, inexpensive, and widely available.

As the perfect travel companion, a modern walking stick is a useful assist when traveling. Even if you don’t normally use a walking stick, they can be a great help when the fatigue sets in after a long day of exploring.


Depending on the limitations of mobility, a wheelchair may offer the most comfort and convenience. There are different types of wheelchairs to best suit your needs, but we’d recommend a lightweight, foldable wheelchair for traveling.

Traveling can be both exhilarating and exhausting, and a wheelchair can be useful when the itinerary is packed with activities.

Walking Frames

Walking frames are a step up from walking sticks, providing additional stability, balance, and support when moving around indoors and outdoors. Walking frames don’t fold up completely, and they can take up quite a bit of space so fi you plan on using one while traveling, then it’s best to rent one after arriving at your destination.

Top Tips for Traveling Seniors

Preparing for any mobility challenges in advance will help your vacation go smoothly, consider the following tips as a starting point;

  • Book accommodation that has wheelchair accessibility
  • Talk with your physician about any potential travel concerns
  • Ensure that transport is available
  • Notify the airline of any special equipment or assistance needed
  • Request special services ahead of time, such as wheelchair services
  • Pack copies of all prescriptions needed while traveling​​​​​
  • Identify the nearest hospital to your accommodation in case of an emergency
  • Plan your itinerary, and map transport along the route

Cost-effective Mobility Solutions with Affordable Medical Supply

Are you planning a trip? At Affordable Medical Supply, we offer a range of mobility equipment – whether you want a scooter or a set of crutches – we’ve got you covered Browse our affordable medical rental equipment to make your travel experience more enjoyable. If you have any questions, call us at 954.532.2650 and chat with our friendly team.

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