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Need Wound Care Products? Affordable Medical Supply Has You Covered

wound care products

Whether after an injury or following surgery, wound care is the most important part of the healing process. Affordable Medical Supply knows the importance of proper wound care, as well as the vital part that wound care products can play.

Wound Care Products Carried By Affordable Medical Supply

Here are a few of the wound care products that we carry and the reasons why each one is important:

Wound Cleansers

Wound cleansers are solutions indicated to remove the following from the wound surface:

  • Contaminants
  • Foreign debris
  • Exudate (bodily fluid secreted from an inflamed wound)

Keeping a wound clean is essential to allow healing to take place. If a wound is not properly cleaned it can become infected, and inflamed, which slows and sometimes halts the healing process. Wound cleansers come in rinse or no-rinse formulas, and ingredients often include wetting agents, moisturizers, surfactants, and/or antimicrobials.


Gauze is used for cleansing, scrubbing, covering, securing, and packing in various types of wounds. There are two main types of gauze:

  1. Woven gauze. This gauze has an open weave and allows fluids to be absorbed into its fibers or passed through into other materials. This kind is often used for packing of wounds or for nonselective debridement, depending on its thread count per inch.

  2. Nonwoven gauze. This gauze consists of fibers tightly pressed together to resemble a weave and allows for high absorbency. This kind produces less lint than woven gauze, and therefore leaves behind fewer fibers when removed from the wound. It is stronger and softer than woven gauze.


Surgical or medical tape is a form of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, which is used to hold bandages or wound dressings in place. Typically, they have a hypoallergenic adhesive to prevent irritation, and can hold onto skin, gauze, and other layers of tape. They are designed to be easily removable so as not to cause further damage to any wound and allow air to pass through so that wounds can breathe.

Bordered Foam

Bordered foam is another form of wound dressing. It is hydrophilic (meaning it ‘attracts’ water) and has a waterproof backing and border. Its wicking ability decreases the chance of maceration of the skin surrounding a wound, or the wound itself.


Hydrocolloids are a waterproof type of wound dressing, typically used for superficial wounds with low drainage. They work by forming a weave over the wound which acts as an artificial scab, which allows the wound to retain any healing fluids that otherwise would be excreted.


Collagens are used as healing aids in tissue regeneration for patients with burn wounds. They are also used in bone grafting because of its chemical structure – it is an extremely strong molecule. Collagen is found naturally in the body and so it is considered a natural wound dressing, and it benefits the body in every stage of healing.

Silver Ag Care

Silver is used in wound dressings, creams, and as an antibiotic coating for medical equipment. It helps prevent infections in burns and can increase healing for venous leg ulcers due to its antimicrobial effects.


Medi-Honey® Gel Wound & Burn Dressing is used for dry to moderately exuding wounds, including various types of ulcers, second-degree partial-thickness burns, surgical wounds, and donor sites.

Alcohol Pads

Alcohol pads are used to prevent bacterial infections of wounds, whether they are caused from minor scrapes and cuts or needle punches.

Why Is Wound Care Essential To Recovery?

Wound care practices can be traced back as far as the earliest civilizations, although much has changed since then. The importance of wound care in the recovery process is based on three things:

1. Infection Prevention

By having continued attention on the wound and its dressing, the risk for infection and other complications is reduced. Regular checkups of the wound allow health care professionals to keep an eye on the situation and update the wound care plan as is needed.

2. Healing

When your body is left to its own devices, it will heal. What complicates this process is a combination of foreign contaminants, debris, and infection. Keeping a wound clean and covered gives it the chance to repair itself without interruption or disruption.

3. Scarring Minimized

Certain wound care products ensure the wound surface is kept soft and supple throughout the healing process – which minimizes the potential for scarring by preventing hard scabs from forming. The application of the correct products in the early stages of healing is pivotal for the prevention of scar formation.

Trust Affordable Medical Supply For Your Wound Care Products

Affordable Medical Supply provides a broad range of products that improve, positively affect and enhance the quality of life for all ages. Don’t let incorrect wound care products slow your loved one’s healing process – contact us today at 866-484-7599 to find out more.

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