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Home Care Solutions That Keep Seniors Safe At Home

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It’s a fact: as you get older, your risk of falls increases exponentially. In fact, falls are the number one cause of injury and death in seniors over 65 years old. With that in mind, this article will provide tips and home care solutions for seniors living at home to ensure safety and security.

Create a Safe Space For Seniors

Senior safety is a priority for families. One of the most important things that families can do is create a safe space for their loved ones. To keep their elderly family member safe, family members should take the time to create a safe space that reduces the chance of falling or other types of accidents.

Installing Ramps

When it comes to senior safety at home, one of the most important things that families can do is install ramps on any steps in the home. Stairs that are exceedingly steep or with an incline greater than 15 degrees can become very dangerous. Because of this, if a family knows that their loved one must regularly navigate these types of stairs, installing a ramp can be a smart investment.

Investing in an Emergency Call System

With this in mind, families should consider investing in an emergency call system for their loved one. This type of system can not only alert family members that their loved one is in distress, but it can also help an elderly family member call for help during an emergency. Systems can be worn throughout the day as a necklace or pendant. In addition, some systems can activate an alarm in the home if there is a problem. This way, your loved one won’t ever be in a situation where they are injured alone and waiting for help that isn’t coming.

Adding Grab Bars

Families concerned with safety should also invest in grab bars. Grab bars help seniors remain stable when using the restroom, bathing, or taking care of other personal hygiene tasks. In addition, some grab bars feature a built-in alarm that will activate if the bar is disturbed or if there is a sudden loss of balance.

Remodeling Showers and Bathtubs

One of the most common sources of falls is a bathtub or shower. Because of this, remodeling a shower or bathtub can be an effective way to reduce the risk. Walk-in bathtubs can make it easier for seniors to get in the tub on their own, as they won’t have to lift up their legs and knees to clear tall bathtub sides. Shower seats can also be installed to make showering safer and easier. These seats typically feature seat belts and backrests, which prevent the senior from slipping.

Using Accessibility Equipment

Seniors often face challenges when traveling from their beds to the bathroom. To prevent injury, family members can make sure to place step stools, grab bars, and handrails near their loved one’s bed. This also helps with both mobility and safety for the senior that needs assistance with bathing or other daily tasks.

In addition, there is a wide range of accessibility equipment that can be installed throughout the home. Elevators and electric chair lifts can make it easier for all family members, especially with regards to safety. An elevator or lift can help people get to the second and third floors safely.

Home Care Solutions in Tamarac

Safety is an important consideration for all seniors. It can help ensure that seniors can remain living in their homes longer. In addition, an elderly loved one that is concerned about safety may feel more secure and less anxious. Investing in home care solutions can help. Contact Affordable Medical Supply today at 866.484.7599 to discuss your specific needs for home care solutions for your loved one.

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