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How Can A Medical Consultant Help?

Medical Consultant

A consistent and steadily growing sector in the US economy is the healthcare industry, particularly for the Baby Boomer generation who are now seniors, making up a large portion of the American population. Elder care is a necessity for most families with older parents or those with children who have developmental disabilities. Today assisted and independent living with healthcare services on-site can cost on average $40,000.00 per year and a home-care worker can average between $19,000.00 – $21,000.00 per year. These costs have risen steadily and have led to a change in the American family structure where multi-generational relatives now live in the same household.

The US ranks 11th in elder care among other developed nations. The Commonwealth Fund’s International Health Policy Survey (2017), found that a disproportionate number of elderly Americans on Medicare face economic barriers to healthcare due to shared costs and those not subsidized under the program. A staggering 31% of seniors skip treatment because of the financial burden and shared cost compared to 2% of the elder population in Sweden. Although Medicare is a near-universal health plan, shared costs for recipients can deter them from receiving the care or medication they need to treat chronic pain or age-related illness.

The consultants at Affordable Medical Supply can help navigate the myriad health and care-giving options available for clients and their families, including those on Medicare. With over 41 years of experience in healthcare management and consulting, Affordable Medical Supply can discern the ideal plan for your loved one. After an initial consultation, their team will research and provide a proposal that meets your family’s specific needs. A care-plan strategy can be designed for those with developmental disabilities, mobility or incontinence issues, and those in need of special delivery services for medication or meals. Families today have busy schedules and a medical care consultant could be a life-saver providing you with an extra layer of support and guidance.

Finding a quality care plan for yourself and your family member should not be a stressful process or a financial barrier to your family’s needs. Affordable Medical Supply is an accredited healthcare service provider who support their clients with concierge-level, specialized service regardless of income or age. Their goal is to help you create an affordable and effective plan for your loved one with care and consideration. Consulting services include medical equipment and supplies, private repairs and rentals, and home modification assistance. For clients’ added convenience there is a brick and mortar location across from The Jewelry Exchange in Tamarac, South Florida.

Affordable Medical Supply consultants are dedicated to helping support their clients with discretion, respect, and compassion. Medicare recipients and Baby Boomers in particular are in excellent hands with their consulting services program. Whether exploring hospice, independent living, or making home improvements for in-home care, a consultant will be there with you through each step of the process. There was a point where you relied on your parents to care for you, now you can find the support you need to help care for them.

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