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Affordable Medical Supply Is Much More Than A Wheelchair Store

wheelchair store

Wheelchairs are just one of the many medical supplies available in our store, we’re committed to providing you and your family with all the quality supplies you need.  We believe quality products help improve your quality of life, or the quality of life of someone you care about. We are more than just a wheelchair store, we carry a variety of supplies to help seniors age in place and help make life easier for those with mobility issues and disabilities.

We’re More Than A Wheelchair Store

When it comes to selecting a wheelchair, the add-ons and extras can make the experience seem overwhelming, especially if this is your first time purchasing or renting one.  Different needs require different support options, and you shouldn’t have to make the choice alone. Our friendly staff are on hand to use their years of experience to help you find the wheelchair that’s going to work for you.

Our knowledgeable staff are trained to use a wheelchair prescription to find you the best fit, and make sure that the wheelchair you leave the store with will serve all your needs. Whether you need a lightweight traveling wheelchair or a fully customized electric wheelchair, guidance is always available.

Medical Supplies

Alongside wheelchairs our store also has a large range of medical supplies. Our stock of wound care gauze and tapes, support pillows, bed supplies, and diagnostics units allow you to get the supplies you need in your home without hassle. If you’re unsure of what supplies will best suit your home and your needs, our experts are available to give you the guidance you need.

In Store Fitting Experts

In addition, bracing and compression stocking fitters are on hand to provide sizing appointments for over the counter braces and compression equipment. When your health and your comfort are on the line, there’s no room for compromise.

Care Concierge Services

Options for care and mobility aids are diverse, and our Concierge Services Coordinator can consult with you to help you explore all possible avenues. The Care Concierge can assist with sourcing specialty equipment and supplies that can make your day to day easier. We understand how caregiving can be difficult at times, and we’re eager to support you however we can.

Home Modifications

We provide in-home assessments and safety product installations so your home can be accessible to you. It can be difficult to know where to start to make your home a safe place with the mobility aids or medical supplies you may need, so our team is on hand to guide you through the process, from an initial safety needs discussion right through to home installation.

Equipment Repair and Assessment

A good wheelchair store doesn’t let service end once you’ve received your wheelchair. Affordable Medical Supply is also a fully certified repair center for medical equipment, meaning we can make sure your wheelchair works just as well several years on as it did when you left the store. We’ve been maintaining and repairing medical equipment with an HQAA accreditation for over 15 years, and we pride ourselves on efficient and personable service.

We know wheelchairs and specialty home equipment can be essential to daily life, so we endeavor to assess, maintain, and repair all equipment in a timely manner and at minimal disruption to your schedule. We also know that wheelchairs need to be in excellent condition for optimal usage, so we conduct safety and maintenance evaluations with each service to make sure you’re not left without the support you need.

Affordable Medical Supply and Your Care Needs

Whether you’re looking to make your home safer, or you’re a caregiver needing support and qualified assistance, Affordable Medical Supply is looking forward to helping you receive the high level of quality care you need. Come visit us at our South Florida store and see how we are ready and able to guide you through making home care simple.

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